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빖뱶룿 踰덊샇

蹂댁쬆꽌 꽆踰



Terms and Conditions

  • In the unlikely event that the FLEXA you have purchased should experience cracking. peeling caused by film, FLEXA will provides replacement film in the above warranty time.
    떆怨 썑 蹂댁쬆湲곌컙 궡뿉 뵆젆궗 븘由꾩쓽 寃고븿쑝濡 씤븯뿬 씈吏묒씠굹 踰쀪꺼吏먯씠 諛쒖깮븳 寃쎌슦, 깉 젣뭹쑝濡 援먰솚븯뿬 뱶由쎈땲떎.
  • FLEXA film do not accept liability for any damage caused by wilful or illegal acts, customer carelessness or natural disasters.
    怨좉컼쓽 遺二쇱쓽濡 씤븳 쎕넀씠굹, 넀긽 遺덈쾿뻾쐞濡 씤븳 뙆넀, 臾쇰━쟻 쨌 怨좎쓽쟻씤 紐⑹쟻, 泥쒖옱吏蹂 벑 蹂몄궗 뿉꽌 넻젣븷 닔 뾾뒗 긽솴쑝濡 諛쒖깮븳 넀떎 梨낆엫吏吏 븡뒿땲떎.
  • In case this warranty gets lost, the warranty will be reissued by agent where you purchased after.
    蹂 뭹吏 蹂댁쬆꽌瑜 遺꾩떎븯떊 寃쎌슦, 솃럹씠吏뿉 벑濡앸맂 젙蹂대 넻븯뿬 理쒖큹 옣李⑹젏쓣 諛⑸Ц븯떆뼱 옱諛쒗뻾 븯떎 닔 엳뒿땲떎.
  • FLEXA film company does not cover if it could not confirm FLEXA LOGO that imprinted film and serial number.
    뵆젆궗 젣뭹 濡쒓퀬 씪젴踰덊샇쓽 솗씤 遺덇 떆 젣뭹蹂댁쬆쓣 諛쏆쓣 닔 뾾뒿땲떎.
  • FLEXA film company will not be liable for accident caused by Visible Light Transmission.
    뵆젆궗 븘由꾩 媛떆愿묒꽑 닾怨쇱쑉濡 씤븳 궗怨좎뿉 빐 뼱뼡 踰뺤쟻 梨낆엫쓣 吏吏 븡뒿땲떎.

Warning and Caution

  • Do not use Rough towels and pads.
    嫄곗튇 삱 諛 뙣뱶 궗슜 湲덉
  • Do not use Strong Glass Cleaner and ammonia-based cleaners.
    媛뺣젰븳 Glass Cleaner, 븫紐⑤땲븘 꽦遺 꽭젙젣 궗슜湲덉 ON
  • After the film Contractors 3-4 days. Do not roll down a window.
    븘由꾩떆怨 썑 3~4씪媛 李쎌쑀由щ 궡由ъ 留덉꽭슂.
  • The film is completely adhered after two to three weeks. During this period, little water and condensation can cause hazy fog phenomenon.
    븘由꾩 2~3二 젙룄 吏굹빞 셿쟾븯寃 諛李⑸맗땲떎. 씠 湲곌컙 以 빟媛꾩쓽 臾 留블옒 諛 肉뚯뿰 븞媛 쁽긽씠 諛쒖깮븷 닔 엳뒿땲떎.