Experience the Origin by FLEXA
As part of improving the solar control of glass as it enters the atmosphere, FLEXA has the first solar energy control film developed by NASA and develops solutions for technology transport applications such as ships, trains, trams, subways and cars.

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Endless voyage towards innovation
German Technology
V-TECH does neither constructing buildings nor manufacturing cars. V-TECH just provides innovative energy saving solutions that everyone can enjoy the sense of well-being such as feeling safe, comfort and healthy wherever you are.

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Solar control

Architectural film,Protection,Insulation
It helps your year-round energy saving. A complete film line makes look good for both residential and commercial applications. By lower interior and exterior reflectivity, the view of the outside is not altered. Additionally, It offers glare and fade reduction.

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Safety & Security

Solar clear safety, Security film, Paint protection film
Ousmart intruders, help reduce the severity of accidents, and thwart vandals with security-enhancing groducts designed to appear neutral or nearly invisible.

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Specialty Film

One-way film, styling film, etc

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Sealing Tape

It is attached very flexibly to the curved area using the material and material of the highest purity which is most suitable for the vehicle panel. This sealing tape was developed mainly for usability. And it provides convenient work efficiency, reduction of original feeling. And is suitable for sealing tape. By adding an anti-oxidation function Patent registered product. In addition, unlike conventional sealing tape, it helps to improve the efficiency of the worker in the form of triple bending structure.

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Exterior Products

Clear Safety film
Safety + Solar and Anti-Graffiti film
One-Way Film
Waterproof sheet
Tools of Tinting
Variety of speciality films

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